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Toolbox drawing from the Datson Nissan BookWe are sad to say that Eve Muir passed away a few months ago. She is truly missed by all who knew her. Before she passed away, she was editing and finalizing John Muir's last book–a book similar to but very different from The Velvet Monkeywrench.

Now her children and friends are working on publishing John's book (really John's and Eve's book). It will be beautifully illustrated with Peter's drawings from a variety of publications. We're all looking forward to seeing it.

In 2012 we interviewed Eve for our Facebook Fanpage. In the interview she talks about meeting Peter, publishing the original Volkswagon Book and the growth and changes in John Muir Publications over the years. More about Eve, John, Peter and the early and later days of JMP is described in some of the other interviews under our Fanpage Notes

To purchase any of our T-shirts or posters, or simply to say hi, use the icons on each side of the page. And to purchase additional authorized variations of our T-shirts, type Peter's name into the search engine of Airhead Parts or go to The Bus Depot. (More info on VW Bus T-shirt variations on our T-shirtz Page.) Check out Peter's spark plug design at Gearheart Shirts as well.

We are also working with a new company, TWIG which makes iPhone 5 & 5s cases out of bamboo. They have an etched edition of the Exploded Beetle case so if you have an iPhone, be sure to check it out.


Read interviews with Peter's friends, family and with JMP folks on our Facebook Fanpage.