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Flathead logoWe're about to make some big changes to Flathead Graphix and this website. By mid-August or early September, we are planning to move the T-shirt and poster sales to StoreEnvy. We'll be adding new T-shirt designs and more print-on-demand which will allow for more T-shirt color options and styles. There will even be women's shirts!

We will still include all the classic shirts that we sell now, but with new additions. If you have a favorite drawing from any of Peter's books, feel free to suggest it as a T-shirt design. We'll definitely consider including it. Posters will stay the same as they are now, but we plan to add stickers and other fun items as well.

Once this happens, you will still be able to connect to sales through this website, but you will be linked to StoreEnvy to make your choices and order. We will turn the website more into an online gallery and a place for new interviews and stories. Those will also be added to our Facebook fanpage when they're written (as they are now) and will be archived there.

But for now, as always, to purchase any of our T-shirts or our posters, use the icons on each side of the page. You can purchase additional authorized variations of our T-shirts, at Gearheart Shirts for the Spark Plug shirt, or by going to The Bus Depot for a different version of the VW Bus shirt. (More info on VW Bus T-shirt variations on our T-shirtz Page.) Finally, visit Airhead Parts for even more designs.


Read interviews with Peter's friends, family and with JMP folks on our Facebook Fanpage.

We will be out of town again in July and August, leaving July 18th and returning August 10th. We can take orders and create PayPal invoices while we're gone but shipping will have to wait until we return.

If you want us to ship your order before you leave, payment must be received by midnight on July 17th.