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Los LunasPeter created many beautiful posters including the Route 66 Series which includes Bernalillo, Los Lunas and Moriarty. The Los Lunas poster is shown here and the other two are just as beautiful. These are $15.00 each but only $40.00 if you buy all three together. Each poster is printed in full color and is 9" x 18"

Peter produced five "original" posters where he supervised the printing himself. These include four large black and white posters including The Exploded Beetle, The Exploded Rabbit, The Cutaway City and The German City. He also produced a large, color poster of The Birth of Billy the Kid which comes with a handy guide to all the characters.

We have a very few selected posters that are signed by Peter himself. We sell those for the poster price plus $100. Send us an email if you are interested in finding out which signed posters are available.

We also produce all the black and white originals as 12" x 18" black & white reprints along with The Dream, Tularemia and The Engine. The Route 66 Series are color reprints as is the large (24" x 36") Map of Old Santa Fe—a gorgeous three-D view of Santa Fe surrounded by humorous vignettes of Santa Fe life. So take a look at all our posters, both originals and reprints and see which one you love the best.

As we've mentioned before, we are getting out of the individual retail T-shirt business. We've already stopped producing print-on-demand shirts and are moving to produce only larger retail and wholesale silk-screened orders.Baja Bug We will continue to sell Peter's posters through this site.

For awhile you will still be able to buy all the T-shirts and posters that are on this site just as you have before, by requesting a PayPal invoice if you want to use a card or by filling out and mailing the printable order form with your check. If you request a PayPal invoice, clicking on the link will open up an email to us. Just follow instructions on the Order Page to fill in what we need to know in the email, or how to fill out and send in the printable form. Be sure to check the Availability link for T-shirts as some designs and colors are down to one or none.

In the spring we plan to have a big sale on the last of our individual shirts so be sure to look for that. If you're a former customer we will email you a notice of the sale. You can also send us your name and email if you'd like to be put on the list to receive notice of the sale.

Check out The Bus Depot for a different version of the VW Bus shirt. (More info on VW Bus T-shirt variations on our T-shirtz Page.)

We also have Gift Orders available. Please ask us about them.



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