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After Peter passed away we had a video made of both his upstairs and his downstairs studios in Santa Fe. Mundo Bravo did a wonderful job with the studio tours and has reissued this now on Vimeo. He said of it,

Think this one should be dusted off ... a little offering I shot 15 years ago of Peter Aschwanden's studio at the time of his death. Peter was the illustrator for John Muir Publications here in Santa Fe. His artwork for them helped make some of their books like "How to keep Your Volkswagen Alive" ... into counter culture classics.

When Peter died in 2005, Deborah Reade saw his studio and realized that it needed to be preserved, at least visually, and I was lucky enough to get that task. What you see here is the working studio of one of the great countercultural artists just as he left it on the day of his death.

This is an opportunity to see a lot of Peter's art—not only his illustration art but his sculptures and paintings as well. Peter could turn anything into art. He built beautiful furniture and even theater props. You can see just a little of the two drawing tables he built in the downstairs tour, and the large head is also a prop—the Wizard of Oz—with eyes that go side-to-side and a mouth that opens and closes.


Peter's Studio Tour




Portrait of Glen StrockTRIBUTE TO GLEN STROCK
Sadly, Glen Strock, illustrator of the iconic People's Guide to Mexico and other books and a local Santa Fe muralist, recently passed away this April. Glen was another wonderful artist and a good friend of Peter's for many years.

Glen studied art at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico under an associate of famed muralist Diego Rivera. Later, he developed his own unique style of illustration. Glen became a dedicated Christian and at the time of his passing was the pastor of the Pecos Valley Cowboy Church.

Carl Franz, one of the authors of The People's Guide said the book began in 1970 as a series of detailed letters to friends who wanted to join up on their first major van odyssey through Mexico. It developed further through stories told around campfires as they traveled through Central America. At the time there were no guidebooks explaining how to travel in Mexico in more than general terms. At some point the authors visited John and Eve Muir in San Miguel de Allende. John's book, How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive was selling like crazy and he had decided to start his own publishing company. He and Eve took a quick look at the manuscript and the rest, was history. Glen's beautiful and humerous illustrations couldn't have been more perfect and helped to make this book the unique treasure that it is.

Cover of The People's Guide to Mexico version 6 1998Glen and Peter had met in Mexico and when Glen returned to the States he took Peter up on his offer of a visit and moved up to Mesa Poleo in northern New Mexico where Peter was living with his family. Peter was working on revisions to the VW Book—smoking, drinking coffee, and working into the night. Glen was still trying to finish The Guide.

They drew by kerosene lamps all day and into the night. There was nothing else in the world but drawing. Their work started to overlap during this time and they would help each other with pencil sketches and inking. Peter even did one illustration for The Guide. Glen said they became family—like brothers. He eventually finished The Guide (it took two years) and Peter finished his revisions, but they continued collaborating on other projects.

"We used to draw at tables across from each other—laughing singing, our sense of humor intermingling. We were merciless sounding boards for each other's work—'Nope, it's not right yet'—working night and day until we collapsed, then slept and started again."

Read the whole interview that we did with Glen some years ago where he discusses his art and Peter's, their influence on one another and their connection to John Muir Publications.
Glen & Peter working on Mesa Poleo, New Mexico


Peter created many beautiful posters including five "original" posters where he supervised the printing himself. These include four large black and white posters, The Exploded Beetle, The Exploded Rabbit, The Cutaway City and The German City. Prices range from $45.00 to $150.00. He also produced a large, full-color poster of The Birth of Billy the Kid for $55.00. This reproduction of Peter's painting shows Billy, in the guise of Boticelli's Venus, and various actors in the Lincoln County War. Instead of the half-shell that Venus rises out of in the original, Billy stands in a cigar box. The poster comes with a handy guide to all the characters

Birth of Billy the Kid

Some other posters are part of the Route 66 Series that highlights three areas in New Mexico along Route 66: Bernalillo, Los Lunas and Moriarty. These prints are available as reprints or originals. Each is printed in full color and is 9" x 18." There is almost no difference in appearance between the originals and the reprints, but the originals were printed under Peter's direct supervision and there are only a very limited number of them remaining. Reprints are $20.00 each but only $45.00 if you buy all three together. Originals are $45.00 each and only $100.00 if you buy all three together.

We have a very few selected original posters that are signed by Peter himself. We sell those for the poster price plus $100. Send us an email if you are interested in finding out which signed posters are available.

We also produce all the black and white originals as 12" x 18" black & white reprints with the addition of The Dream, Tularemia and The Engine. These reprints are $12.50. The large (24" x 36") Map of Old Santa Fe—a gorgeous full color three-D view of Santa Fe surrounded by humorous vignettes of Santa Fe life, is also sold as a reprint for $50.00, though Peter did have involvement in its production. So take a look at all our posters, both originals and reprints and see which ones you love the best.

You can still buy prints and posters just as you have before, by requesting a PayPal invoice if you want to use a card or by filling out and mailing in the printable order form with your check.

Alhough we will only be taking large or wholesale orders for T-shirts through this site from now on, you can continue to find Peter's designs on individual T-shirts through www.beetleness.com out of the UK. They are fully authorized by Flathead Graphix and we work closely with them to make sure you'll always receive the same great quality that you have in the past. Shipping out of the UK is much more reasonable than US shipping so prices are good as well.

In fact, Beetleness is already selling some of Peter's designs, including designs and colors that we didn't sell. There are photos of their shirts on our Facebook Fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/peteraschwanden/ and of course, you can see all the shirts with Peter's designs and more at the Beetleness site. On this site we've pretty much followed what Peter did with the shirts when he first produced them, but we really like the way Beetleness has changed things just a bit.

We feel Peter's artwork is in good hands with Beetleness and that through them his designs will still be out in the world for everyone to enjoy.


We have Gift Orders available. Please ask us about them.


Blue Interior


Read interviews with Peter's friends, family
and with JMP folks on our Facebook Fanpage.