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The Birth of Billy the Kid

Route 66 Series
Map of Old Santa Fe

We have " original" posters that were produced by Peter himself. He carefully supervised the printing of his own posters, paying particular attention to the quality of the line in his black and white posters and to the quality of the color in his full-color posters. These "Peter Aschwanden Originals" include the 4 large black and white classics: The Exploded Beetle, The Exploded Rabbit, The German City and The Cutaway City. (See the Original Classics Page for exact sizes and prices as they vary) and, except for The Cutaway City, are offered at $45 each plus shipping and handling. The Cutaway City is now offered at $150 because of the very limited number that remain.

Peter also produced The Birth of Billy the Kid after Boticelli's Venus. This great "original" poster has ties both to fine art and the Wild West. Instead of rising from the half shell, Billy rises from a cigar box and is surrounded by characters from New Mexico's Lincoln County War. This full-color poster is a reproduction of one of Peter's paintings from his Billy the Kid Series which includes paintings, postcards and sculptures. It comes with a handy guide to the whole cast of characters in the painting and is 28" x 21." $55.

The Route 66 Series includes Bernalillo, Los Lunas and Moriarty posters that were originally created as full color paintings for Route 66 promotional brochures. Although each is beautiful by itself, they look wonderful framed together. Each is 9" x 18" and all are available as reprints or as a very limited number of originals.

We also have an even mory limited number of signed, original posters available. There are 3 German City posters, 1 Exploded Rabbit poster and 1 Birth of Billy the Kidposter (signed on the back). The posters vary from good condition to not so good and are available for the normal price of the poster plus $100. As with the Cutaway City posters, we're happy to send you pictures of the best poster we have left.

Besides full color reprints of the Route 66 Series, we have black & white reprints of all four Classic Posters plus Tularemia, The Dream, The Engine (Rabbit engine with labels), and the new Cutaway VW Engine (VW engine with labels). These reprints are 12" x 18" and are $15.00 each.

Finally, take a look at Peter's gorgeous Map of Old Santa Fe. This poster was also originally created as a painting. It is large at 24" x 36" and richly illustrated with a border of vignettes of Santa Fe life painted in Peter's whimsical style. Peter was involved in the production of this beautiful poster which is offered for $50.00